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A Bridge Too Far

Aiming high

The bridging industry is expected to set new records for lending in 2016 with the vast majority of brokers forecasting good growth.

Intermediaries expect rates to continue to reduce as the year progresses and lending increases. Bridging loans provide crucial support for borrowers with investment plans who need funding without a fuss. Bridging just keeps going from strength to strength as it provides fast and efficient funding for almost any project the lender has in mind.

No high street lender can match the speed and ease of completion that a bridging loan can offer. Lenders have been very quick to understand the growth of the business and continue to offer new products and improvements all the time.

One broker in Sussex said “bridging finance is on the up and costs are coming down which is a recipe for success”. “We are seeing more clients enquiring and far more completions they ever before, adding up to a sound business platform”. “Bridging finance has a vast array of uses and this seems to be growing by the day, clients are always looking for new angles when it comes to borrowing”. “For less the than half cost of borrowing on a credit card, businesses and individuals can access large or smaller amounts of capital”.

With the UK economy seeming to be sound and growing all forms of lending are steaming ahead but bridging in particular is making the biggest strides forward.

Why bridging?

  1. Fast & efficient
  2. Cost effective
  3. Large array of uses
  4. No early repayment fees
  5. Allows time to arrange alternative lending

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We've got the X Factor

Bridging has the X factor

The X factor is now off our screens for another year, the show’s title could be associated with bridging finance setting it apart from its rivals.

The auditions, when other financial options were struggling bridging last year shone through and delivered a magnificent performance all round. Just ask the brokers as they are the judges. Bridging lenders decision to be pragmatic rather than use box-ticking methods allow them to stand out from high street lenders. Other forms of lending seem to want to know your entire life history, bridging just requires the really important information.

Boot camp now, bridging lenders excelled as the industry could offer much faster performances than any other form of lending in the market. Bridging loans from start to finish on a “clean case” can be completed in a matter of days rather than weeks.

The judge’s homes, the flexibility of the industry proved a huge hit. Bridging is far more flexible than the alternatives as you can pay off early with no penalty as and when the long term funding is secured.

The finals, bridging has become the obvious favourite due to the significant boost it can give to any business project. The loan allows the lender to make the most of the opportunities available so they can perform with precision timing.

Having now won the competition bridging finance is more popular than at any time in the past. With record lending set last year the industry now looks forward to a very bright future.

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Falling Costs

Bridging costs down!

The cost of bridging finance in 2016 is likely to be less expensive than last year, great news for the borrower indeed. Interest rates and fees have reduced significantly over the last two months as finance companies battle for a slice this ever growing market. We are also seeing new incentives added to packages including assistance in funding any survey costs. These measures are normally reserved for the mortgage market but we are seeing more offers creeping into the bridging sector.

2016 has got off to a flyer as more and more people see this type of financing as a very efficient way to go forward. Brokers up and down the country are reporting more clients want to complete quickly and then put a cost effective loan in place at a later date.

With the promise of quicker completions from the lenders bridging finance most certainly looks to have a strong year ahead.

Bridging loans have a vast array of uses and these seem to be increasing all the time. The most popular use last year was to secure property quickly and therefore achieve significant discounts on the purchase price. If you are contemplating a financial deal in the future it would do no harm to find out whether this type of funding could assist you.

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